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June 2011 Contest

Hi all contesters and viewers!

It is time for June contest. In May there was some contesters that didn’t published income report, some of them published it later than I finished contest, so to not mist any of report in June I decided to make it later than usually.

I got interesting conclusion after reading June report, I thing about it before, but this report ground me that India as a great market for online advertising. So if you have time check this report.

RainMakerMom has some doubts about “passive income”, honestly this is one of the most honest report in this month. Her conclusion makes me sure that best way to earn money is selling. Actually Pat post about that, check out his how to start. So if you are interested what is all about with RainMakerMom check her blog.

An interesting big jump in AdSenseFlippers revenue. I first time look at theirs first report and I’m in shock how fast they grown.

Thanks to Metallica for new ling to If you know any blog about income report please give me know in comment.

As usual Pat is the winner with his report.

income [$]
report url
01-06-2011 30,393.49 12 502,30 7 694,38 6 794,36 4 282,30 3 853,89 2 885,96 2 135,27 1 965,06 1 770,27 1 697,00 1 010,54 660,28 518,78 472,98 462,92 420,67 295,90 279,25 82,88 45,39 40,39 20,82 -366,96


May 2011 Contest

May contest is late. Summer starts (in Europe and part of US) so there is missing for some May reports – summer break.
Pat‘s income bits up all others, as always. That is great for Pat! But others reports grown also, Adsense Flippers, and The Financial Blogger grown theirs business more than 10%.
It seems that online marketing it is not so easy, I think work is work and it is impossible to find “penny on the floor”.
All best for all!
See you in June Report Contest.
income [$]
report url
01-05-2011 26,609.13 11,645.19 10,514.33 5,416.37 3,220.00 3,036.74 2,266.00 2,024.28 2,002.00 1,787.56 1,324.27 1,179.89 809.97 658.91 476.47 349.50 324.47 312.70 205.58 165.25 105.22 82.65 34.69

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